Welcome to my new year and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Version 18 – Yeah so excited I am. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas & a festive New Year so far! – I am posting this message now to tell you some of the great news and lessons learned in 2017.

First of all, I’ll start with my new website and my brand new logo. I have already lost count of how many times I created and/or modified my logo and my website. Sometimes I even think about creating a page to display whole or part of them. Well, let’s go to the point.

New Logo Development

Geometry moment of my time so far. Reading the latest books made me put into practice things that I had never tested, not even realize that the simple is increasingly winning. As some people know, I have customs of always creating logos for friends and for myself. This is the way to keep practicing Branding, one of the million things I love to do.

You can see some graphics of where it all started below. The grid, the shapes, colours and the final tests that made me believe I would like this format for this coming year.


I also did some applications to get a sensation on how these mockups would be. I love to see how an idea will apply to something like a T-shirt, a sticker, a wall…


I started playing with the new trend colours and other ideas. I will hardly use these colours but this is a way I would like to display other variations.

What you’ll see on my new homepage

The best learning so far. In 2017, I had the opportunity to test a lot of trend and technology. I got a great deal from all my mistakes. Here are some of the works I’ve done and what I’ve learned from each of them.

Deliver results to your customer and gain confidence. Nothing better than seeing your happy customer!

See this case

You need a lot of investment and a focused team to try to compete with big players.

See this case

Why can you make a difference in people’s lives & why can’t you? Here’s a very interesting organization.

See this case

Fight for your ideas. Fight double when you need to make sure to deliver something very good.

See this case

The simpler, the better. We want to see more information and fewer designs! Simple case 🙂

See this case

Users do not believe it until it works. What a simple button can do for your email list!

See this case

A new Homepage and the way you’re going to use it!

There was a problem in my previous portfolio. Scrolling the homepage was free and it was not clear to the user that they should click to see the complete information for each work. In this new one, I decided to test the block format by scrolling, show the title, short description and a button for more information. I believe in this way, with each mouse movement, the user will have the perception each block in the use of scrolling is a page where they can get more information.

Easy navigation through the works

I added a floating button on the upper right side. In a chronological order, the user can navigate easily on almost every page. This operation will definitely improve the bounce rate of Analytics and make it easier for the user.

Another navigation option for the works

Due to the change in position from the header to the right side, I used whole white space to make a second navigation for the portfolio works.

Tools that made my life better

In a representative chart, here are the tools that made my 2017 better and simpler. I am thrilled by the advances in technology and the hard work of companies to make our lives easier and customers happier.

Making the rules

2017 was a really amazing year not only for me but I believe for many people. I decided to create this page and put here some of the events, publications, trends and thoughts.

1. 8 great business cards for UX designers

Given that UX is all about simple usability and accessibility, it’s not surprising UX designers often opt for minimal, monochrome designs when it comes to business cards.

Read more

3. I’ve done this one. #10K – Great Newham 2017 #London #Run.

My special thanks to Frank & Gianne who helped me to do that!

Açaí Generation

5. Starting interfaces to the UAV world.

2018 will be a year of new learning. Last year I put in heavy tests the use of interfaces to control aircrafts. This enabled me to think beyond time. This year I will share more of knowledge and tests.

7. Prototyping and creating products that solve problems

Because it is important to validate, test, and iterate in the process of creating products rather than simply clinging to assumptions and considerations.

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9. I sold my first photo on 500px – That’s amazing!

Last November, I got a 500px message. Thinking it was another advertisement message, I ended up leaving it there for 3 weeks and look at the novelty when I decided to organize my inbox 🙂

Buy now

Do you want to know more?



2. The photographer who changed the way I saw the world!

Meet Ron Timehin and his amazing work. I fell in love with the tones that this professional put into his work.

Find out moree

4. The fever of the new iPhone X and your screen interrupted

It’s unbearable to witness the amount of mockups being distributed daily across the network. What saves are the great concepts.


6. Knowing the world of Smart homes

I’ve been testing lots of devices and user interfaces to control homes, turn things on and off, talk to bots, create smart routines, and even figure out the actual consumption of things connected by electricity in my house.

8. The process of creating personas that helps with the success of your product!

The process of creating Personas has helped many all the teams I worked in 2017. This success is proven and effective. Keep doing this whenever possible.

11. 9 ½ Plausible and/or Absurd UX Industry Predictions for 2018

You’ve probably already read a few articles reviewing last year, or looking ahead to next. Well, we wanted in on the action too.

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10. God Save the Queen.

If you got here, I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope to learn more and more from mistakes and correctness this year. I wish all the best for you!