A simple challenge in Creating Personas, Checkout User Flow and User Interface for e-commerce.

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Can one assume that remote work is a compromise? Is this a comfortable option?

My answer is yes, and here I am going to show you some parts of my last challenge. This was a work completed in 3 months for a company in Brazil.

Checkout User Flow

Designing pages for websites and applications doesn’t always produce the best results. The design process separates look, feel and process from what the user is trying to accomplish. An alternative approach to this kind of design is to design for user flows and thus focus on what the user needs to get done and how to deliver that in the most effective manner possible. This should lead to better user experiences as it places the user at the heart of the design process.


A persona is a representation of a type of customer. Personas answer the question, “Who are we designing for?” and they help to align strategy and goals to specific user groups.

Desktop User Interface

In information technology, the user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a person may interact. This can include display screens, keyboards, a mouse and the appearance of a desktop. It is also the way through which a user interacts with an application or a website. The growing dependence of many companies on web applications and mobile applications has led many companies to place increased priority on UI in an effort to improve the user’s overall experience.


Mobile Version

Another significant challenge for mobile UX is discoverability (i.e., how easily potential users can find the service or app) due to the sheer size of app marketplaces. For the same reason, retention and engagement also pose significant challenges, since users are often able to find plentiful and free alternatives to suit their needs

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