UI for “Sign up” at
Email Marketing Send

Thinking of a way to be easy the registration of a user and which could be the steps to be followed by them.

Registration page, on-screen instructions, confirmation e-mail messages, auto responders, triggers, messages for data update and which fields to use. This was a brief user flow and functionality that application would for complete data interested in making a registration for email.


UI Login

The idea is that the customer can make a quick customization of colors in the forms generated by the application like quick and practical way. See some examples below of User Interface




What would be an easy way without having to write the name and email? We opted for Facebook login and thought it would be easier to have two clicks than writing name and e-mail.

Also we think what the standard that people are used to doing and why follow an idea?






The way to do unsubscribe should also be easy. To tell the truth, easier than subscribe. Here we also use the Facebook Login.

As user has accepted the Facebook application before, they have to do with just one click. 

Here the image of the final deliverable in step unsubscribe. 


Final Deliverables

Below you can see all final deliverables. All screens that works with the application of the process that you do not see.







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